We took the kids down and visited my Grandma Inez on Mothers’ day.  Grandma Inez will be 93 next week and is suffering from dementia and osteoporosis.  We spent time with her on Saturday and Sunday and she held Leighton throughout our visit.  During the time she held him she played with him, kissed him and told me that he was cold much as she would have before the dementia set in.  I will forever be thankful to have a short video of her with Molly and one with Leighton for the kids to have when they grow up.  Though we cannot tell how much or who she remembered, I got a glimpse of the grandma that I know and love while I watched her with my son and I will carry that with me forever.  I hope to make more trips down with the kids to see her but only time will tell if I get that chance.




The blog makes the fact that I am back at work very obvious!  I am back full-time now and it has been busy!  Molly and Leighton are both in daycare and both are doing very well.  Molly, now 3 years old, is SO much fun!  Everyday she has a few one-liners that have me laughing out loud.  One day it was “I do! I do love butter!”  and the next it so “When my tooth falls out I get money.”.  Leighton is growing so quickly and the other day I caught him on hands and knees threatening to crawl.  At his six month appointment, just a few days ago, Leighton was 17 lbs 13 oz and 27 3/4 inches long.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks to fill you in on the latest happenings.

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Two posts in one day, this is a record week for me 🙂

All Bundled Up

It was pretty cold here this morning so we had to bundle Leighton up to take Molly to school, it was pretty cute so I thought I would post a picture.


On Monday and Friday Molly gets to hang out at home with Leighton and me.  These two days of the week are pretty tough ones for me since she is potty training now so most of the day is spent chasing Molly to the potty or feeding Leighton… and then somewhere between I have to change his diaper and keep her occupied.  It is a good thing these kids are cute because they may not survive if they were not :).  I am trying to put the craziness aside and soak the moments in because I realize how fleeting they are but sometimes it is easier said than done. 

We will be spending the Christmas holiday here in Seattle and look forward to having my parents are brother join us here.  I am really bummed that we will not be headed home to spend the holiday in the snow and introduce Leighton to Jake’s family.  I think staying is for the best as Leighton eats often (how else would he support his fatty physic) and Molly has to have quick access to the potty now.  On the bright side, I will get the opportunity to practice my pie making skills under the close supervision of my mom how can really rock a pie crust. 

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends.

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We now have two kids, it is SO crazy.  Our company has left for the time being so Jake and I are on our own.  Jake went back to work the Monday after Leighton was born and I am home with Molly and Leighton on Monday and Friday.  Molly is still attending school Tuesday through Thursday to keep her in her groove there.  The couple of days at home with both kids are crazy at times but Leighton sleeps a lot so that gives me a bit of down time with just Molly.

Molly LOVES her little brother and, at this point, I pretty sure that my fear she would love hime too much was the right one.  Most days she requests to hold him multiple times a day and we get her all setup to hold him for a bit.  Overall she is very gentle with him but we have to keep a close eye on her to ensure she does not try to pick him up or swing him a bit too fast in his swing.

As for the weekends, they are less eventful than ever.  Leighton is eating very often which limits our ability to get out and hit the town.  We did go a couple of places last weekend but they were near home and brief outings.  For the most part our weekends we spend lounging as a family or getting things done around the house.  Here are some recent pictures for you.




I know it has been a LONG time since I added a post and photos.  Between having company, completing our year-end financials at work and being pregnant I feel a bit short of time.  Here are a few photos to update you on Molly and her many adventures.

In early July Aunt Jessica, Uncle Dan and Cooper came for a visit.  I captured a few precious moments with Cooper and Molly at the French Bakery in Kirkland.  Their visit was fun though our weather left something to be desired and I was SO busy at work that I felt frazzled up until the last couple days they were in town.   It is a real bummer that their family is now headed back to China for another year.  You will see a theme here, Jake and I are always bummed when their visits come to an end because we know that it will be some time before they are back for a visit (it is crazy to think next time Molly will be 3 1/2 years old and the little guy will be eight + months old!).

We had a bit of down time (like a weekend or so) in July and then we got the chance to catch up with my cousin Gina and her girls.  While they were in town we headed to the Ballard Farmers market in the morning and then it was off to the Seattle Aquarium in the afternoon.  This was the first time the girls have really gotten to play together and they did really well.  On Monday night Gina, the girls and Aunt Char came over for dinner and to spend a bit more time together.  Since Gina has lived in Minnesota for a few years now, I have not gotten much chance to spend time with her and get to know her girls.  The couple of days they were here was so nice, we really wish they were closer.

Over the last couple days we have taken Molly to a couple local beaches.  They recently re-opened the beach at the bottom of our hill, Juanita Beach, and it now has a great sandy beach and playground that kept us occupied most of today.  Molly is growing so fast; it was nice to spend the day just watching her play in the sand and be two.  For being two she is pretty independent and comes up with many fun things to do and songs to sing as she plays.

Jake and I are not sure Molly has a clue that she will be getting a brother in October (we hope he does not hold out into November 🙂 ) but it will be interesting to see how she handles it.  Fingers-crossed!

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