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On Monday and Friday Molly gets to hang out at home with Leighton and me.  These two days of the week are pretty tough ones for me since she is potty training now so most of the day is spent chasing Molly to the potty or feeding Leighton… and then somewhere between I have to change his diaper and keep her occupied.  It is a good thing these kids are cute because they may not survive if they were not :).  I am trying to put the craziness aside and soak the moments in because I realize how fleeting they are but sometimes it is easier said than done. 

We will be spending the Christmas holiday here in Seattle and look forward to having my parents are brother join us here.  I am really bummed that we will not be headed home to spend the holiday in the snow and introduce Leighton to Jake’s family.  I think staying is for the best as Leighton eats often (how else would he support his fatty physic) and Molly has to have quick access to the potty now.  On the bright side, I will get the opportunity to practice my pie making skills under the close supervision of my mom how can really rock a pie crust. 

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends.

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>Jake and I are headed to Idaho next week for Christmas and we have so much to be thankful for. I think when a child has their first Christmas any parent is thankful but, considering the incident at Molly’s daycare this August, we are even more so. Unfortunately, the family of the woman at the wheel is facing a difficult holiday season. Though I am displeased with the driver and her decision making on that day, I feel deeply for her family as she was arrested yesterday and they may face Christmas without her.

Jake and I will be squeezing Molly tight this holiday and thankful for the fact that her and her friends made it through the accident to spend their first Christmas with their families.

Happy Holidays!

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