For Memorial day we headed to the cabin in north Idaho for family, friends and some R&R.  We left Seattle after work on Thursday and headed to our friends, Ben & Shannon, in Spokane for the night.  On Friday morning we did some shopping at the Sprague Trading Co. Store for the weekend and then headed to the cabin.  Jake, Molly and I had a night alone and then Ben, Shannon and their daughter, Ava, headed over to join us on Saturday afternoon.  Molly and Ava really enjoyed playing together and got along well.  There was lots of hanging out and watching the girls color, play dolls etc…  Saturday evening Jake’s cousin, Tom, and Angela came down for dinner and, thankfully, brought us a replacement coffee pot!  (I accidentally cracked the one that was there earlier in the day and we CANNOT get up without some coffee.)  The next evening we were joined by family and friends for dinner at my grandma’s cabin next door.  There were about 21 for dinner that night, it was a great time for all.



Molly and Ava both found throwing rocks into the lake to be a great way to spend the afternoon.  The only difficult part of the whole weekend was leaving when it was over.














Jake and I have spent the last couple weeks getting Molly transitioned to her new room.  Thankfully Jake’s shoulder is recovering really well from his December surgery because he painted the room and we installed a new closet to complete it.  I spent a bit of time surveying some design websites, as an accountant color selection etc… is not my specialty, for a good color that went with the yellow furniture and would allow her to grow in the room as we don’t want to repaint anytime soon.  I selected Whirlpool by Benjamin Moore which is a light blue/gray.  I am now a big fan of the blog Making it Lovely and found this color because the author of the blog used the color in her laundry room.  I also used many of the things that were in my room as a kid, if you were in there you will recognize the following:

1. the Big Bird painting done by my aunt Donna which hangs above the bed (this has to come first as it is one of Molly and my favorites)


2. the yellow furniture so nicely kept by my parents

3. the porcelain dolls on the bookcase


4. the pillows my grandma Lee (aka Gigi) made me


I combined these with four charming classic pooh prints and a pooh lamp that my aunt Jeanne bought for me/Molly.  We are still waiting on some Poms from the esty store PomLove and we need to install an additional light fixture to give Molly some extra light. 

Jake and I spent Sunday morning installing the Closetmaid closet which turned out better than I thought it would; like most things in life, it also cost more than I thought it would Smile

Molly seems to like her new room though she now thinks that both of the rooms (the nursery and big girl room) are hers.  She does have another request, she would like a cookie monster and an elmo painting to keep big bird company Smile.  In time I am sure she will become more attached to her room and less to the nursery. 

100521034              100521035



I saw some great WordPress blogs recently and thought I may want to transition so here it goes.  http://venardfamilypost.blogspot.com is not transitioning to https://venardfamilypost.wordpress.com so welcome to the new site.

Hopefully, WordPress will lead me to be more motivated to post to this blog.  Now that I am attempting to take my own photos of Molly (and before we know it baby number 2) I should have material to go with on this blog.

My parents and Chuck came over last weekend for a Mariners game (which they were unable to watch due to traffic/construction/ an accident on the pass) and for a concert.  It was nice to spend a couple of days hanging out and they helped us out with furniture moving that ended up much more complicated than I thought it would be. 

Molly’s First Chocolate Donut

Chuck and I ran out to a local bakery to get some donuts etc… for breakfast on Saturday morning.  When we got home Molly picked the chocolate iced donut for breakfast, this made uncle Chuck happy because that is the donut he added to the box.  Molly REALLY enjoyed the donut!

 Earlier last week, Jake and I took Molly to the Bellevue Botanical Garden to look at the spring flowers.  She had a good time running around and exploring the garden.



>We took the crib down today and put up the big girl bed in Molly’s room today.  Thankfully my parents and Chuck were here to help as it was process.  To make the change we had to rearrange the house and clear out the larger upstairs bedroom, which will eventually be Molly’s, so we could take delivery on some new furniture.  All this juggling is happening because Molly is attempting to climb out of the crib and because we are expecting a new addition in late October!  The fact that I am pregnant is still sinking in but we are very excited to have another baby!  Molly does not understand the baby thing but we are working on that, she came to the 12 week ultrasound but I don’t think that the black and white image did anything to convince her she would be a big sister.  The kids will be a couple months shy of three years apart which will hopefully be good spacing for them and allow us to preserve some sanity. 

This pregnancy has been similar to my first so far, in the first few weeks I was pretty tired and had some “morning sickness” in the evenings.  However, I don’t have much time for the fatigue this time around with Molly as active as she is right now.  The baby bump has definitely made its initial appearance now which is much earlier then it did with Molly but all is well so far.

Molly is growing very quickly and her verbal skills are developing quickly.  This weekend she began tell us to “Get out my room” and saying “how about a baseball game”.  My parents have been here a couple times this month and we have tagged along to two baseball games so far this season.  The first game we attended my dad got some great front row tickets that had all of us, Molly included, memorized for the duration of the game.  I think the game has made its impression on Molly because she is even happy watching a couple innings on TV and LOVES to go in person.

Easter pictures will follow shortly (gotta go make an attempt to put Molly down in her new bed).

>Molly Pictures

>Molly is now really enjoying going “potty on the potty” and is wanting to go more and more frequently.  These days she will stop and remove her diaper to go to the potty all alone.  If Jake or I try to provide assistance we get scolded and told “I will do it!”. 

Molly also LOVES the bath and will readily undress herself to get in.  She is all smiles while the bath goes on and sometimes it takes awhile to get her out even if the water is gone.


This post is a bit late but better late than never right. 

Molly had a great party and was very excited when her friends Rowen, Evan and Olivia showed up.  She really understood that it was her birthday and keep repeating “Molly’s happy birthdays”.  We were so fortunate to have Jake’s mom, uncle and grandma as well as my parents on had since the weather on the pass was not all that cooperative.  Molly is a big Elmo and Zoey fan so we had a Zoey cake and used pink and orange balloons and decorations.  It was a great time for all.

This past week Molly had her two year check and she is 26.2 pounds and still just above the 50th percentile in height.  She is now putting together up to 6 word sentences and is pretty verbal.  Lately, as you may have seen on Jake’s blog, she is asking to use the potty and will strip pants and diaper off to do so.  The time flies by and everyday she is doing something new and exciting.

Tomorrow we are heading to the symphony for the tiny tots concert, this will be Miss. Molly’s third concert like this and she really enjoys them.  Jake found that Sesame Street Live was coming to town in May so we got some great seats and are anticipating Molly’s reaction when Elmo and Zoey make their appearances.

Happy Birthday to Molly ….

 molly birthday-004

 molly birthday-006

 molly birthday-039

 molly birthday-054

 molly birthday-055

>Molly Update


Molly is about to turn two and she has been keeping us on our toes which has prevented me from updating this blog in quite some time.  Jake had a shoulder replacement in early December and was out of commission for some time.  Thankfully we had a visit from Gigi (aka Grandma Lee) and each of the grandmas to help us through.  At this point, Jake is able to drive and do most things on his own with Molly.  He cannot lift with his right arm yet but is building strength every day

We did get to spend Christmas in Idaho with the family and had a wonderful time.  Lila and Sarah joined us for the holiday and it was nice to see Molly and Lila play.  The two girls are very different kids but they both LOVE baby dolls and had a great time playing with their new cabbage patch kids and baby strollers.  Lila is such a cuddly little one and Molly practically has to be strapped down if you want her to hold still, perfect compliments to each other.

January was busy with quarter end for me and Jake was still adjusting to being back in the office and being unable to drive for the first half of the month.  Now with February upon us we are trying to relax but will be having a party for Molly’s 2nd birthday at the end of the month (invitations to come soon).

Here is a brief video of Molly and her buddy Rowen finger painting last weekend:

Finger Painting Fun January 2011

And a couple recent pictures:

Lila and Molly at Christmas

Fall Winter 2010 062  Fall Winter 2010 069

Molly at the top of the inflatable during her first “gymnastics class”

Gymnastics Class 2_6_2011 002