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On Monday and Friday Molly gets to hang out at home with Leighton and me.  These two days of the week are pretty tough ones for me since she is potty training now so most of the day is spent chasing Molly to the potty or feeding Leighton… and then somewhere between I have to change his diaper and keep her occupied.  It is a good thing these kids are cute because they may not survive if they were not :).  I am trying to put the craziness aside and soak the moments in because I realize how fleeting they are but sometimes it is easier said than done. 

We will be spending the Christmas holiday here in Seattle and look forward to having my parents are brother join us here.  I am really bummed that we will not be headed home to spend the holiday in the snow and introduce Leighton to Jake’s family.  I think staying is for the best as Leighton eats often (how else would he support his fatty physic) and Molly has to have quick access to the potty now.  On the bright side, I will get the opportunity to practice my pie making skills under the close supervision of my mom how can really rock a pie crust. 

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends.

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Molly’s Big Girl Room

Jake and I have spent the last couple weeks getting Molly transitioned to her new room.  Thankfully Jake’s shoulder is recovering really well from his December surgery because he painted the room and we installed a new closet to complete it.  I spent a bit of time surveying some design websites, as an accountant color selection etc… is not my specialty, for a good color that went with the yellow furniture and would allow her to grow in the room as we don’t want to repaint anytime soon.  I selected Whirlpool by Benjamin Moore which is a light blue/gray.  I am now a big fan of the blog Making it Lovely and found this color because the author of the blog used the color in her laundry room.  I also used many of the things that were in my room as a kid, if you were in there you will recognize the following:

1. the Big Bird painting done by my aunt Donna which hangs above the bed (this has to come first as it is one of Molly and my favorites)


2. the yellow furniture so nicely kept by my parents

3. the porcelain dolls on the bookcase


4. the pillows my grandma Lee (aka Gigi) made me


I combined these with four charming classic pooh prints and a pooh lamp that my aunt Jeanne bought for me/Molly.  We are still waiting on some Poms from the esty store PomLove and we need to install an additional light fixture to give Molly some extra light. 

Jake and I spent Sunday morning installing the Closetmaid closet which turned out better than I thought it would; like most things in life, it also cost more than I thought it would Smile

Molly seems to like her new room though she now thinks that both of the rooms (the nursery and big girl room) are hers.  She does have another request, she would like a cookie monster and an elmo painting to keep big bird company Smile.  In time I am sure she will become more attached to her room and less to the nursery. 

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